18th January 2017


A Sound Bath offers an opportunity to experience the restorative power of sound. During the session participants are guided into a state of relaxation through simple visualisation and breathing techniques to enable receptiveness to an immersive spectrum of sound and vibration . As our bodies are comprised of mainly water, cells in our bodies resonate with sound vibrations which offer a non-invasive massage – enabling physical and emotional energy to be “unblocked” and tension to be released often leading to a sense of being re-energised.

During this one-hour session a holistic listening space is created that focuses on the healing sound of the gong – an instrument which has been used therapeutically for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, breaking up emotional blockages and meditation for centuries – singing bowls are also incorporated into the session for their ability to induce a naturally peaceful state.

To make the most of this experience, wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, sheepskins, pillows and blankets for your comfort. The gongs create a sacred space that invite you to find inner peace and self-reflection and you are invited to arrive after 3:45 pm for a prompt 4:00 pm start. In order to maintain the space for other participants there is strictly no admission after the session starts.

£10 – Booking essential.