18th January 2017


Gong Yoga brings the power of sound to your yoga practice – the energy shifting properties of the gong enhances the effects of asana, mantra and pranayama. Rhythm, volume and speed of play allow the yoga practitioner to experience deeper levels of immersion and with this comes the potential to connect more fully with the subtle body.

This afternoon is in two halves – in the first part of the session you will be guided through a series of meditations, asana and pranayama practices in order for you to focus on listening and responding to the body while exploring the visualisation of sound and energy, this is then followed by a full Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and Sound Bath.

The Yoga session is aimed at all levels with the emphasis on integrating breath, movement and intention in order to facilitate openness to the power of sound.

Bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat as well as sheepskins, pillows and blankets for your comfort during the sound bath.
Doors open at 2:30pm for a 2:45pm start to the yoga session with a short break before the the Sound Bath at 4:30pm and finishing with tea at 5:30pm.

£20 – Booking essential.